How to make your signage stand out

How to make your signage stand out

Your signage is an important component in the branding of your business. According to the International Sign Association (ISA), the presence of signage on your premise is the most affordable and may yet be the most effective and efficient medium of advertising. In fact, it is estimated to account for more than 50% of your customer base. Your signage, however, has to fulfil all righteousness. It must be remarkable, simple to read, easy to understand and memorable in seconds. 

We know the importance of having signage that stands out, either on your premise or in a strategic location. The inability of your signage to look different and stand apart from other businesses will make your brand ordinary and similar to other brands. In a crowd of signage, a quickly and easily identifiable one will make all the difference. To make your signage outstanding, our team has highlighted 6 tips for you to follow. They are:

  1. Appropriate Location:

The placing of your signage is very important. The right location will play a major part in the effectiveness of your sign. The design of your sign will also depend a lot on the location it is placed. Will it be located at a junction, on a car or building, by the road or in an industrial area? What colour, texture and design will be appropriate for the background? These things carry significance.

  1. Be Graphical

Graphics are great ways of capturing attention. A well-designed, colourful graphic will attract more attention than any form of text or calligraphy. Graphics will differentiate your signage easily while at the same time highlighting your creativity. We however, advise that you keep it simple when choosing graphics. An emotional image or logo will definitely go a long way.

  1. Keep it Short

Your message should be kept short, direct yet witty if possible. The recommended word count is 15. A pun can be intended too but it should be kept to a reasonable extent. Make your signage remarkable. 

  1. Keep it easy-to-read

Your message should be easy to read. Clinical and clear fonts should be used. A bolded text is often easy to read, even to a person in a moving vehicle. Italics will make reading difficult, except if the signage is intended for an audience with certain recommendations. It should be noted that capitalizing all texts does not necessarily make it easy to read. 

  1. Pop your colours

: Avoid subtle, pastel and light colours that are difficult to notice. We suggest that you stick with clear and well-defined colour pairings such as black and white, red and white, red and blue, green and white and many others. 


Follow these five top tips to help make your signage stand out from the crowd.