Led halo lighting

Led halo lighting is one of the most popular ways in which to light up your sign. Halo lit individual letters and logos provide a subtle but extremely effective method of creating an impact for signage.

This is guaranteed to give your business visibility 24 hours a day. This gives your building an identity and creates automatic attraction to potential customers. They are also a cost effective method to light your sign.

Rules for Maximum Effectiveness

Sign background:

This lighting works by projecting White or coloured lights onto a background. I.e the fitting surface where your sign or display panel is mounted. Therefore the nature of the sign background is critical.

As a general rule this halo lighting system will not work on anything other than a completely matte surface. Reflection of the light is a major issue on gloss or satin surfaces. A reflective surface in extreme cases reflects the actual light modules themselves leaving dots. We can overcome the issue byplacing a matt vinyl on background surface to reduce reflectivity.

Scale & style of lettering:

The larger letter or logo the better is most cases. The letter must be large enough to accomodate the light modules. Sans Serif font styles work best due to a consistent letter shape.

On the other hand serif fonts such as ‘Times ’ may not work at smaller scales due irregular scale differences in the letter shape itself (see below)


Case Study

Knocknarea Arena, IT Sligo.

Ballast won the tender to produce signage to brand the sports complex at IT SLIGO. We followed strict guidelines to produce 3D letters with halo effect LED’s in green and white to suit colour of lettering. The resulting signage gives the arena a presence late into the night and is easily located in an ever expanding campus.