Shop Fronts

Shop fronts & Fascia Signs
Shop fronts or business facades take many diverse forms.
At Ballast we custom design the best solution for your premises.
Let’s start with the basics:


A System of Signs

Business premises and facades take many diverse forms. At Ballast our intention is to custom design the best solution for your premises. In most cases a system of signs is necessary. A system of signs contains everything from large scale exterior signs to name badges on an employee’s shirt. We suggest breaking up the system into Primary and Secondary signs. The project can then be tackled in order of importance. Or constantly adding to a broken system may be counterproductive.


Primary Signs

In the majority of cases, retail based businesses have traditional shop fronts. These suggest the most suitable locations for your primary sign. They usually occur above your shop front and also act as a directional sign ideally above the main entrance. In other cases for example an industrial estate,  the primary signs  for a building may also need to be located away from the building itself perhaps in the grounds,  beside a road etc. There are a number of factors to determine primary signs.


  1. Visibility: 

It is essential that your business can be seen. The first function of a building is to describe where you are, as a way finding/directional sign.

We maximise this visibility through well thought out design and correct choice of materials most suitable to the correct solution. We have many options for temporary and permanent use.

  1. Impact

We design or work with your existing artwork to produce the most

effective solution that communicates the nature of your business in the most effective way possible. At first glance a viewer should know where your business is in a certain location and a notion of the nature of your business.

Your building fascia or shop front is small portion of your overall building identity but arguably the most important piece of signage. At ballast we refer to this as your primary signage. We advise this part of your project is giving maximum attention and prime percentage of an available budget.


Secondary Signs

Signs in this category may include very specific signs but no less important e.g. a toilet sign. A specific marketing campaign, it may contain a different aesthetic to the primary signage but should be intrinsically linked.


We look at the bigger picture so your building has maximum impact.